Tracking Android Security Update across Devices

When you want to work with any android device there are always some questions in back of our mind.

1) Does the OEM provides OS updates
2) Does the OEM provides android security patches
3) How fast do they update the devices.

However so far we have attempted many times but always failed to identify any consolidated list of such data. Hence we decided that its time we build something.

We have created a tracker page which we intent to keep up to date with the help of readers and viewers.

Android Device Security Patch tracker

You can contribute to the database via multiple ways

1) Add a comment to this post.
2) Create a pull request with changes on the github page here
3) send us an email at devicesecupdate at androidtamer dot com
4) Create a new issue in Repository and we will update the details.

Note: as this data reveals security posture of devices hence we have made an intentional decision not to credit any individual for specific data. however if you want your name to be credited please specify and we will add the name under credit section on the page.

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Author: Anant Shrivastava

Anant Shrivastava is a Independent Security Consultant and Trainer. He holds various certifications like SANS GWAPT, CEH and RHCE. He has been Speaker / Trainer at various conferences like Nullcon, C0c0n, Clubhack, G0s, Rootconf. He specialize in Web Application Security, and Mobile Security. He is also developers / maintainer of androidtamer (Live ISO for Android work), WP-Filemanager (Wordpress file manager plugin), SVN-Extractor (pentest tool to extract svn details) and more.

4 thoughts on “Tracking Android Security Update across Devices”

  1. Company Lenovo
    Model S850
    Android Version 4.4.2
    BaseBand version S850.ROW.V109, 2015/04/20 16:41
    Build Number S850_ROW_S217_150420

    More device information will be added when I have physical access to all other devices. Thank You.

    1. Important information which we need is if there is a Android Security patch level marked on it. I highly doubt that it is marked on this as google seems to have added it from version 5 onwards only Xiaomi seems to have backported security patch level entries in 4.X series .

      I would personally suggest changing device as early as possible considering the age of operating system in use.

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