How to Contribute

How can i help with project

The project needs constant support from volunteers and hence any and all help is welcome. It should be clear that writing code is not the only way you can help the project. I am outlining multiple ways in which androidtamer can benefit from volunteers

  1. Test the Build, suggest changes or improvements / enhancements. Please raise an issue here

  2. Promote the Distribution, via writing blogpost or creating video’s or presenting sessions using this tool.

  3. Help with bringing in new tools in the distribution. Writing Build scripts: Sample apktool build and dex2jar build

  4. Test the repository on other distributions like Kali or Ubuntu or other pentest distributions and report issues : To configure repo on other distro Follow the guide

  5. Help us in solving issues by tracking them and contributing back via patches or fixes or suggestions. One major issue list to keep an eye will be the Tools Repository

How can i help with other project

As the android market is way too big for single person to track the whole landscape hence this post is a call for contribution.

All we are asking is to provide us with following information
1) Device Name
2) Device Model number (optional)
3) Current Android Version
4) Current Security patch level
5) Screenshot of about phone settings page (optional)
Where should i send the data?

1) Send an email:
2) Submit a pull request:
3) Make a comment to :
4) Create an issue: repository

More details on the blog post

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