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FAQ Android Tamer Version 4

1) What is the default username and password?

username: android
password: tamer

android user has sudo access

2) What virtualization software do you support?

We build package using virtualbox however if you want you can use VMWare products too. Follow guide here

3) Any ETA on ISO release?

We are working on a ISO version of the same build however there are some issues identified in the alpha build We are working on resolving them and then will be able to confirm the release date for ISO. As usual with androidtamer project we can’t guarantee a release date.

4) How can i trust AndroidTamer?

In Simple terms you can’t, We have build it in our premises there are chances that malware of infection could have cropped in. However there are still things you can do if you do not trust us.

5) Sourceforge adds malware / addware why do you still make it available via sourceforge?

Frankly, sourceforge has added adware’s but so far no instance of adding adware on ova files or non exe systems. Besides this is the reason this time the download location also has my google drive link and i have hosted the checksum on my own website also. so you can verify the checksum in case you want to.


1) What is android Tamer?

Android Tamer is a one stop tool required to perform any kind of operations on Android devices / applications / network

2) How much RAM does android Tamer require?

Android Tamer can work with as little as 512Mb RAM, however if you plan on keeping the eclipse environment running i would suggest 1G or 1.5G ram.

3) Where are all the Tool?

Tools are stored inside /Arsenal Folder.

4) Whats the default username and password?

also tamer used has sudo access.

5) Why VMWare gives bootloop. (Version 1)

Android Tamer was designed on VirtualBox and is supposed to be used on VirtualBox and hence i can’t extend support on VMWare.

6) VirtualBox Machine confguration

OS : Ubuntu or Linux  (32 bit)
RAM : 512Mb (min) – 1GB (advised) – 1.5GB (awesome)

7) which version of android tamer is tested against which virtualization software

Version 1 : Virtualbox
Version 2 : Vmware player
Version 3 onwards : is being tested for compatibility with both. (not yet released)

8) Any plans of developing simmilar tool for Windows.

No plans as of now. If you have a need to run these tools on windows OS, either run android tamer in Virtual environment or use Appie : Android Pentesting Portable Integrated Environment by a friend of ours.

Note : I will keep on adding more questions as and when encountered. For asking question just fire your query to anant<at>anantshri<dot>info

10 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Question”

  1. Hello,

    You mentioned during BHA that the collection of tools would also be made available via an apt repo (instead of downloading the whole VM).

    Could you point me to the information regarding this repo (URL, GPG key, etc)?


  2. In FAQ written as version 2 supports VMware I have downloaded and tried but it not working

    Please correct the FAQ

    Am new to Android tamer please provide user guide for it

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