Announcement: Work on AndroidTamer 5 Started

With the launch of Debian 10 (Code Name Buster), We are pleased to announce the start of work for AndroidTamer Version 5. AndroidTamer version 5 will have a code name Aarush (hindi word with english meaning “first ray of winter sun”).

For this release we are focusing on the outlines mentioned earlier in AndroidTamer Future: Blogpost. More details to be announced as we keep making progress.

In next few days you will start seeing public activities in our github repositories when we start looking at all the tools available in android space today and see how many of them can be ported to linux packages and made available via our repositories.

AndroidTamer 4 has been a enriching experiance for me personally and you will find more posts from my side in next few months outlining the mistakes made in Tamer4 what are we doing to prevent them in Tamer5. New area’s which we are exploring in Tamer5.

This project still is a single major contributor project with supports from many contributors. However i am still the single point of failure and we are actively trying to find ways to mitigate that risk and one solution could be to make things into automated pipelines where my time is not a bottleneck for us. This also means i will slowly be stopping all support options except 1-2 which i can calmly monitor. (right now prefering to go with Twitter and Email as two options coz that’s where we are most active).

Thanks for listening to our rant so far. We are very excited about new things we have in progress for Tamer5 and hopefully soon we will be able to share the details with all of you.


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Author: Anant Shrivastava

Anant Shrivastava is a Independent Security Consultant and Trainer. He holds various certifications like SANS GWAPT, CEH and RHCE. He has been Speaker / Trainer at various conferences like Nullcon, C0c0n, Clubhack, G0s, Rootconf. He specialize in Web Application Security, and Mobile Security. He is also developers / maintainer of androidtamer (Live ISO for Android work), WP-Filemanager (Wordpress file manager plugin), SVN-Extractor (pentest tool to extract svn details) and more.

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